Stacking Success

If you know of a girl who doesn't love a ring stack, please point her out to me so I can ask her if she's (not) human. I wear stacking rings every single day because it's so fun to put together a story on your hand. One added or one omitted ring changes the entire look. It's like having many outfit changes -- but for your beautiful fingers.
I am often asked: How do I stack my Misa Jewelry rings? What is the best way? The truth is, ladies: There are no rules. I can, however, offer a handy guide on how to achieve stacking success. The following are some of my favorite stacking rings of the moment, which hopefully, will help inspire you to create your own perfect ring story. 
Gemstone Stack - just load them gemstones, baby!  Diamonds, opals, whatever you fancy -- just stack them up and see how you like them together. Texture is always good to distinguish the different stones and the Thin Diamond Ring and the Fire Coral Ring are perfect textured spacers. 
All-Over Stack - self-explanatory: simply wear rings on all or almost all of your 10 digits. And just when you thought you didn't have enough fingers for the many beautiful rings in the world, midi rings came to the rescue to add more value to your hands. Midi rings are typically worn between the top two bends of your fingers. If you like the midi-ring look, a size 4 in most of the rings should do the trick. Just be careful when you're shake-it-off-shake-it-off-ing because they are more susceptible to falling-off-falling-off-ing. 
Statement Stack - Statement Stack - pick a statement/cocktail ring that you covet and build a story around it. I want my Moonstone Cove Ring to shine in all its glory, so I wear sweet, delicate rings like the Thin Diamond Ring, Mini Beak Rings and a Beak Ring to complement its beauty. With my beloved Branch Ring, I wear my Thin Diamond Rings and Pod Ring to add texture and showcase its organic design. 
And when in doubt, the Repeat Stack - just stick to one style and pile it on. Bonus points if you stack the same ring in different metals and diamond colors like I did with the Lava Beak Rings
Have fun stacking!!!
xx Misa

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  • Leah says...

    I’ve never stacked rings before, but this looks amazing and makes me want to so badly!!!!

    On December 03, 2014

  • Shilpa says...

    Bonus points for quoting Taylor Swift! Love this entry.

    On December 03, 2014

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