Morganite in May!

As we wrap up the month of May, we are falling in love with Morganite all over again!

hades from dusty rose pink to soft champagne peach flowers. Photo by Misa Hamamoto

This special gemstone emanates a range of shades from dusty rose pink to soft champagne peach. Throughout history, Morganite has been referred to as the "stone of universal love," known for activating and cleansing the heart chakra and clearing a pathway for love to be shared and received. Let the gift of Morganite spread love, whether for yourself or for that special someone in your life! 

3 morganite handcrafted rings on model's hand

Reflection NS Morganite Ring 

2 morganite handcrafted rings on model's hand

Petite Native Morganite Ring 

3 yellow gold handcrafted rings on model's hand

Journey Paradise Ring

2 handcrafted morganite rings on model's hand

Morganite Bloom Ring 

4 Yellow gold handcrafted rings on model's hand

Marina Phoenix Ring and Rising Phoenix Ring

Morganites are so special that we often create one-of-a-kind pieces with them for our custom projects. 

Yellow gold with reflective morganite gemstone on model's hand

This Mini Cove Ring with a cushion cut Morganite is still so unforgettable! 

Rose gold morganite handcrafted ring

Who wouldn't want to receive an eternity of Morganites, right? 

yellow gold and morganite gemstone rings on model's hand

Morganites are the perfect gemstone to be worn not just in May, but they should be flaunted all year long! For more style inspo of this dreamy gemstone, check out all of our Morganite Dreamers

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