Misa Jewelry Handcrafted rings by California central

Spontaneous Spring

On Friday evening, Jason and I came home from work, plopped on the couch and we both telepathically said to each other, "We need to take a trip."...

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Olive & June salon celebrating with wine


Do you have a group of women in your life that just never ceases to inspire, empower and support you? Well, I'm so lucky to say that I do. And in ...

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Handcrafted opal rings on model's hand by the beach

Recharged & Reinspired

My tropical holiday seems like a distant memory now that it's almost the end of January and I'm back in full work mode, but looking through my vac...

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Handcrafted yellow gold rings on model's hand

My Q&A with Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip's Danielle Miele is among the loveliest lot of individuals I've had the honor of meeting while working in the accessories & fashion...

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Yellow gold black diamond handcrafted rings on model's hand

Stacking Success

If you know of a girl who doesn't love a ring stack, please point her out to me so I can ask her if she's (not) human. I wear stacking rings every...

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