Spontaneous Spring

Moonstone Beach, CA. Photo by: Misa Hamamoto

On Friday evening, Jason and I came home from work, plopped on the couch and we both telepathically said to each other, "We need to take a trip." Telepathic powers come in handy when you're too exhausted for a vocal exchange. Thanks to the internets, we booked a pet-friendly room for Saturday night and on the road we went to the California central coast the next the morning!

Misa Hamamoto of Misa Jewelry in California central coast wine country

Niner Winer Estates. Photo by: Misa Hamamoto

No central coast road trip is complete without a beautiful drive through Paso Robles wine country. Most wineries in Paso Robles are very pet-friendly, so while we humans enjoyed our wine tastings, our furry baby Shima enjoyed getting ridiculous amounts of attention. Thank you to Eberle Winery and Niner Wine Estates for the extra Shima love. For those of you planning to take a trip to Paso, Eberle has wine cave tours guided by their friendly staff and Niner has a lovely restaurant for a lunch stop.

Misa Hamamoto of Misa Jewelry with Shima

Shima on Moonstone Beach, CA

Misa Jewelry Moonstone Cove Ring on Moonstone Beach.

Shima on Moonstone Beach, CA

Misa Jewelry's Journey Treasure Mermaid Ring

Moonstone Beach, CA sunset. Photo by: Misa Hamamoto

Moonstone Beach was just a stone's throw away from Paso Robles and home to the most breathtaking sunsets. It was also apparently home to thousands and thousands of these wondrous blue jellyfish washed up on shore. Don't they look both prehistoric AND futuristic? Style points, jellyfish, for being so timeless.

 Moon jellyfish. Photo by: Misa HamamotoMisa Jewelry's Evolve Mermaid Ring

Misa Hamamoto's Moonstone Beach road trip

Sharing laughs until our stomachs hurt, having great talks, singing along to good and awfully-good music and rolling around in the sand with Shima were exactly what we needed after many weeks of long work days. No telepathic powers needed.

And Happy Earth Day! Thank you, Mother Nature, for creating such magnificent places for us to visit. 



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eubsj May 04, 2022

Thanks again for the forum.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Contes

WilliamGek May 11, 2016

“Style points, jellyfish. . . " I love it! Looks like an absolutely perfect weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Leah April 23, 2015

So happy that you and Jason had a wonderful and a spontaneous vacation! Shima is adorable … he’s very lucky to have a mommy like you, Misa! Thank you for sharing the lovely pics of your trip!

Kim Hiraki April 22, 2015

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