Tropical Escape with Palm Springs

Handcrafted stacked rings

This Palm Springs-inspired ring stack got us excited for the holiday weekend ahead! Let's escape and swim away in all shades of blue. 

Handcrafted turquoise necklace

Float through Turquoise tranquility.

Handcrafted opal stacked rings

Mermaid dive into Opal waters. 

Handcrafted labradorite stacked rings

Bathe in a dream like Labradorite lovers. 

Handcrafted Sapphire earrings

Watch the moonlight reflect off of Sapphire seas. 

cute dog with pink swimming vest by pool

Even our resident Shima Shark paddled away to Palm Springs! 

cute gray dog by swim pool

We hope you have a beautiful and bright blue Memorial Day weekend! 

Love, the MJ mermaids (and one shark) 


Swain July 15, 2022

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Shirley April 28, 2022

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