Recharged & Reinspired

Oahu and Guam river

My tropical holiday seems like a distant memory now that it's almost the end of January and I'm back in full work mode, but looking through my vacation pics instantly warm me up and take me back to my happy places of Oahu and Guam, two beautiful islands where I spent my childhood. Crystal clear beaches everywhere you turn, the kindest people on earth, my fun and loving family, and lush gardens galore are just some of the things that make me come back multiple times out of the year. I hope you enjoy these pics of my White (Sand) Christmas. 

white gold handcrafted rings by the beach
Handcrafted opal rings on model's hand by the beach
Misa Hamamoto niece and nephew under water

My niece and nephew always lead the way to a good treasure hunt. Last holiday's goal was to find the coolest shell; this year's target was to dive in the warm waters to spot the coolest "fishes." 

fish under water. Photo by: Misa Hamamoto
Couple by the beach
Magestic mountain and beach. Photo by: Misa Hamamoto
Handcrafted jewelry on women's hand
Misa Jewelry nature inspiration

Hiking to the top of volcanic craters, discovering new beach coves and exploring my parents' deliciously green backyard are my go-to muses for my new jewelry pieces each season. Inspiration is all around us, especially when you travel, so put that phone down and start observing the beauty that surrounds us. 

Misa jewelry weaving palm leaves
Misa Hamamoto enjoying nature

Thanks to my family and nature for recharging me for 2015! 

xx Misa



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Divine Grupo Musical March 07, 2023

I wonder how my diamond rings would look on this background. Pictures are so beautiful, truly great!

Lana Neal March 04, 2016

beautiful pictures!

mallika January 30, 2015

Ahhh. Beautiful pics. Take me there :).

Krislyn January 23, 2015

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