5 Reasons Why I Love Making Jewelry

Handcrafted yellow gold necklaces

Owning my own business is no easy feat, but doing what I love to do while making a business out of it is the most gratifying accomplishment. As we all get ready for our Labor Day weekend getaways, here is my reflection on my labor of love: making jewelry. 

handcrafted gold necklaces

1) Momentos

Most may think of jewelry as fashion accessories, but to me they are much more than just adornments. They mark very important moments in my life – some blissful and some sad, but all beautiful moments. For instance, my Lava Drop Lariat necklace always takes me back to my very close (and hot) encounter with an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. The magnificence of Mother Nature took my breath away as a child and she’s consequently my main inspiration of my jewelry line. My 18K yellow gold Snoopy pendant that my mom gave me when I started Kindergarten to ease my nerves of making new friends still comforts me well into my 30’s. My Compass Opal Ring reminds me of my adventurous grandpa and our exciting fishing trips we took together. Like the compass on his boat that always guided us in right direction, I know my grandpa is always keeping me on track even after his passing. My engagement and wedding rings fill my heart with bursting love for my husband and bring a huge smile on my face thinking about our fun, dance party wedding day. Jewelry is a timeless keepsake and the big bonus is it comes in a fashionable package.


handcrafted gold earring

2) Art is self-expression

Before I started Misa Jewelry, I was working in finance and then for a Major League Baseball team (such a normal path to jewelry, right?). Although I LOVED my coworkers and my bosses, I always felt that the job I was doing was not supposed to be my life’s work. I found myself always taking art classes after work and on the weekends. I took many local classes from soap-pouring to candle-making to sewing pajama bottoms with senior citizens. I realized soon enough that I was spending hours in these crafting classes not only because I was bored at work, but I was losing myself at work and desperately needing an outlet for self-expression. And now with my jewelry line, I have the opportunity to pour my heart and soul into each jewelry design, and in turn, my sweet clients can express themselves through my designs. Such a wonderful circle of life this is.


gemstones on model's hand
3) Gemstones heal
Whether or not you believe in crystal healing, if you just look at a beautiful gemstone, doesn't it make you feel instantly good? I hand-select all of the gemstones I use because this meditative process is perhaps my most favorite part of jewelry-making. When I stare into an opal, I'm lost at sea far away from the city chaos. Holding a rainbow moonstone transforms me into a powerful zen goddess. Diamonds give me the sudden urge to raise my arms in the air and shine. Gemstones all have their own individual meaning but I always tell my clients that it's what the stone means to YOU that really matters. What purpose does it serve you? What does it symbolize for you? How does it make you feel? I love wearing the beautiful gemstones I collect from all over the world and I hope you feel the love that I infuse into them.


3 handcrafted gold rings

4) Make people happy

Another reason why I started making jewelry is pretty simple: WHO DOESN’T LOVE RECEIVING JEWELRY? I remember where every piece of my jewelry came from because I remember feeling very touched receiving it or buying it. Whether you’re celebrating an event or person in your life, jewelry is always the perfect gift.


Handcrafted yellow gold ring collection on model's hand

5) Jewelry is forever

Do you load your car with bags full of clothes and shoes to donate after a massive closet cleanout every year like I do? Do you ever have precious jewelry pieces in those bags like I NEVER do? That’s because jewelry is truly lasts for more than a lifetime while clothing and shoes suffer damages and trends. In fact, the wear-and-tear of jewelry actually make the jewelry more meaningful and on their way to heirloom status as they get passed on to future generations. Jewelry is forever.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Which piece of jewelry will you be packing for your trip? 

xx Misa


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Regpark April 22, 2019

It is so touching and aesthetic!
Thanks a lot!

Lidiia Nikanorova August 02, 2018

That was beautifully written! Your reasons are wonderful, I feel the same way about designing (though I don’t make jewelry)! I admire the effort and passion you put into each piece! Your jewelry is gorgeous! Keep up the excellent work!

Jackie June 24, 2016

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