What Is Your Misa Jewelry Style? Take This Quiz!

I take in inspiration from all over to design my jewelry. That might mean I have multiple (style) personalities, but you don't have to suffer from the same affliction! The Misa Jewelry team has put together this light-hearted quiz so you can discover your Misa Jewelry style by personality. (It's surprisingly accurate.) Please share your results with me in the "comments" section below!

xx Misa

1. You're on a spontaneous weekend getaway: What is your must-do activity?
A. Take a long hike with your dog.
B. Get dressed up to dine at the hottest new restaurant.
C. Swim ALL day!
D. Wake up to the sun rising and immediately read your horoscope.

2. Your Instagram account is most populated with images of:
A. Flowers. Whatever grows on trees.
B. Stunning architecture.
C. The coastline.
D. All the sunsets. Especially the pink ones.

3. You're thirsty. You're drinking ...
A. A green juice.
B. A martini.
C. Sparkling water.
D. Rosé all day.

4. You're hungry. You're eating ...
A. Falafel.
B. Foie gras.
C. Sushi and oysters.
D. Moon pie.

5. How would your best friend describe your style?
A. Natural and earthy.
B. Cutting-edge and modern lines.
C. Ethereal and flowy.
D. Out of this world!

If you answered:

Mostly A's:
You are a Natural Woman, and we have a lot of Misa Jewelry to help you feel like one (a la Aretha Franklin). You prefer to be one with nature and its trees, its roots, and its baby animals (especially birds! Check out the inspired Lava Beak Ring). You've been green-juicing since the womb. You invented the flower crown, didn't you? You're actually camping right now and stumbled upon some Wifi in the woods. If you're getting married under a big beautiful tree, we suggest the Dew Drops & Ti Leaf Rings to pronounce your Happily Ever After vows. The Diamond Branch Ring is an all-time MJ bestseller, and Misa herself wears the Timber Guard Ring to hug her engagement ring.


Mostly B's:
You are a City-Chic Girl! Misa's studio is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and she is often inspired by the historic architecture of the city. You are modern and sophisticated, and your week isn't complete without a night out on the town (or three). Your manicure? Perfect always. The Marquis Ring and the Tapered Baguette Ring emanate haute couture -- without the hefty price tag. As a wedding band, you'll appreciate the design symmetry of the Opal Eternity Ring and the stark simplicity of the Vega Ring. Anything from the Compass collection -- like the Bangle or Earrings -- will pay homage to your constant use of GPS in your black SUV.


Mostly C's:
You are a Mermaid! If you could, you would prefer to live underwater. You're definitely not shy about getting your hair wet at the pool. The Journey Treasure Collection, available in Mermaid and Lagoon, is Misa's way of celebrating the beauty in nature's water. The Fire Coral Ring is your everyday ring, and Misa's newest Shima Reef Opal Ring is on your Wish List -- both rings are inspired by the intensely gorgeous coral reef system. If you HAVE to be out of the water, you're eating oysters and octopus, while wearing Misa's Oysterette Earrings and Tentacle Ring. And your way of paying tribute to the foreverness of the ocean is to slip on the Wave Eternity Ring.


Mostly D's:
Sun, Moon & Stars, oh my! You are inspired by the beyond. You prefer to look up -- or look down at your hands and see jewelry that is inspired by what's above. You believe in astrology, and together, are warmed by the idea of birthstones (order the Union Ring now with two birthstones significant to you!). Wearing the Constellation Double Strand Necklace makes you feel like a star. Top your ring stack with the golden rays of a Sunrise Ring, or give your lobes a little twinkle with the Stardust Earrings. And what you love about Misa's one-of-a-kind Moonstone Cove Ring is it celebrates YOUR individuality and our moon's.


Or, maybe, just MAYBE, you're "E. all of the above." ;)


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  • Amanda Blake Page says...

    This entire post absolutely ROCKS! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It really shows.

    On November 25, 2019

  • Raisa prata says...

    Lover all the rings…..I’m moving to Naples Fl, is there any store around there

    On October 22, 2015

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